Rett Vossler

         A Houston, Texas native, I've learned the value of hard work, investing physically and mentally into your goals, as well as overcoming the odds. Growing up in a non traditional hockey market taught me these values, and that anything I wanted to achieve would have to be earned through my dedication and work.
I've brought these same values to the creation of SSM. Our target players are those that are willing to put in the hard work, and fight through the tough times you will inevitably encounter in the hockey world. 

        Having played Junior hockey in the U.S. and eventually moving on to Pro hockey in Europe has given me the important insight needed to launch this agency. I understand firsthand the expectations and demands of Junior and Pro hockey, and I have since set my sights on helping players achieve their dreams and have the same experiences I was fortunate to have in my life.

        As a current coach at the Junior level, I have gained a unique view as to how players are targeted, scouted, and ultimately fit into the lineup.  This has proven extremely advantageous to our agency, as we have insight into the minds of coaches, and how to market out players to be seen at their highest value.

       SSM has a ton of exciting new things in the works, and with our new team members I truly believe we can offer great service to players at all levels. 

Senior Player Representative 
Cell 1- 832- 922- 8393

Svein Ove Nermo

Head of European Division

Mobile +447484 318 388

        During my history of coaching throughout in Europe I have built a great network of contacts and friends. 

I have my roots in Sweden and the hockey town of Grums, famous club that has produced many NHL players. I have, after my career as a player, been a coach for nearly 30 years in Europe. 

        Amidst my time as a coach I have helped many players to develop, and have helped players in nearly all leagues around the world. To become a good skilled player, I believe it takes a lot of investment in practicing right, eating right, sleeping enough, and daring to try and daring to work hard every day. It doesn’t come by itself. 

        I make a conscious effort to stay in shape, I'm in the gym 4-5 times a week to look after my body and my mind. Time to think and make good decisions. Fit body, fit head results in good decisions. I do like walking in the Norwegian mountains as well, back in my log cabin, fishing and just absorbing the quietness. 

       When I had a chance to join SSM I never had a second thought. The agency has a vision and a goal that made my mind up. I can use my experience to build players and the agency. We will work hard for you and give you the best advice for you to get things right on your way up and forward. Things will move quick some times, and somethings might take a bit longer, but be patient things will happen when time is due. 

I believe in honesty and hard work, honesty to yourself and your colleagues. To be honest to yourself is the key to take the challenge on board. To cheat and cut corners will back fire sooner or later. 

Pontus Larsson

European Agent

Mobile +46 706002378

Biography coming soon!

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