Sporatún Sports Management proudly provides a few different packages for our services.​ 

We are also more than happy to try to accommodate you and create a package that fits you.


We strive to be more than a “placement” group, we mentor and advise all of our players to ensure that they are well informed about all the different options and scenarios that may arise throughout their careers.


​Contact us today to discuss packages and rates!



SSM and our agents carry first hand experience dealing with player representatives from our careers as athletes. During the course of our careers as athletes, we had more unfortunate encounters with “agents” that were more interested in a paycheck, rather than helping their client. These experiences are what lead us to create SSM, and finally offer a company to athletes around the world that truly cares about the advancement of your career.



At SSM, we are able to put together a comprehensive and detailed development program for our players. Whether you are looking for long term or short term goals, we can create a plan to help you develop into the player you're striving to be!



SSM has made connections and partnered with world class trainers around the world. Our trainers have years of experience, working with national team level players all the way down to athletes just beginning their careers. We work with our trainers to create off season routines to enhance your development, as well as programs during the season to keep you healthy.



Athlete's diets are often overlooked. Without the right nutrition, you won’t be able to reach your full potential. With experienced trainers and former athletes on staff, SSM is able to help you figure out exactly what you need to fuel your body for the season!



SSM has partnered with a licensed Sports Psychologist in order to give full evaluations for our athletes. This is a huge tool to help our players, and our representatives understand your playing goals, as well as life goals. Sometimes making the move to Europe can be an overwhelming process, and our psychologist is here to help ease that process, allowing you to focus on your performance on the ice.

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